Mirador Del Diablo

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Business Type: Small
The primary contact phone number for this business: 8656-0522
The website for this business is:
The email address for this business is:
Basic directions to this business:
From Moyogalpa take the main road south. Just past the entrance to Chaco Verde on the right you will see the driveway.

Hours of Operation
Sunday08:30 — 16:30
Monday08:30 — 16:30
Tuesday08:30 — 16:30
Wednesday08:30 — 16:30
Thursday08:30 — 16:30
Friday08:30 — 16:30
Saturday08:30 — 16:30
Unique Services You Can't Find Elsewhere:
Languages Spoken Here:
Anticipated Price Range For Here Is:
Average Priced

A brief description of this company:
17 Platforms, 11 Ziplines, Rope Bridge, Repelling Line, And More to come in December 2017! YouTube
The Primary Business Of This Location Is:
Things To Do
Place To Stay Amenities:
Guide services
Restaurant Amenities:
Offer Good Views
What To Do Here:
Zip Lines
Suggestions For This Activity:
For people of all ages
A guide is required
Opportunities for photography
Bathroom facilities available
The Expected Cost For This Service Is:
Around $10/per person, group discounts available, please contact them for group reservations.

Some Final Thoughts About This Location:
Great expereince at a fair price. They are adding more ziplines that will be active later this year (2017)

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