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The primary contact person is:
Business Type: Small
The primary contact phone number for this business: 8444-4519
The secondary contact phone number for this business: 8120-6448
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The email address for this business is:
Basic directions to this business:
500 meters east of puente Balgue/Rio Balgue. First right after the bridge. Follow the signs.

Hours of Operation
Sunday13:00 — 18:00
Monday13:00 — 18:00
Tuesday13:00 — 18:00
Wednesday13:00 — 18:00
Thursday13:00 — 18:00
Friday13:00 — 18:00
Saturday13:00 — 18:00
WiFi Available: YES
Quality of Internet Service:
Unique Services You Can't Find Elsewhere:
Farm bed and breakfast. Set within walking distance (20min) but out side of the center if Balgue. Private secluded tree houses set in the canopy, unique round house with dome roof. Rustic and luxury. Free farm tour and use of produce!
Languages Spoken Here:
Anticipated Price Range For Here Is:
Average Priced

A brief description of this company:
A 2.2acre farm located on the foothills of Maderas 10minutes on the path from petroglyphs, coffee plantations and the Maderas summit trailhead. Known for its hospitality, informative permaculture farm and nursery and farm-fresh breakfast. Help yourselves to the exotic fruits and take a free tour.
The Primary Business Of This Location Is:
Places To Stay
Hotel Style:
Room Types Available:
Private Cabin
Place To Stay Amenities:
Bedding (Sheets, Pillows)
Bug Net
Hot Water Showers
Guide services
The Expected Cost For This Service Is:

The Secondary Business Of This Location Is:
Things To Do
What To Do Here:
Educational farm tour
Amount Of Physical Exertion To Be Expected:
Suggestions For This Activity:
For people of all ages
Opportunities for photography
Bathroom facilities available
The Expected Cost For This Service Is:

Some Final Thoughts About This Location:
We would love to extend a warm welcome to our peaceful jungle paradise.

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