We are a small group of individuals who want nothing more than to help the local, and indigenous people. We found that since most local people here are not tech-savvy, that a great way to help them grow their business, and raise their standard of living, was to assist them in advertising their businesses to the 40,000 plus tourists that visit our island every year. Any company would charge a lot of money to help these small family owned businesses start a website and maintain it. And since the income level here is so low, these people cannot front hundreds of dollars for this service, and are overshadowed by other businesses that are often owned by foreigners who have greater funding.
Our goal is to advertise AT NO COST for everyone on the island, in order to help them connect with tourists, like you!

We do not charge anyone for their information to be posted on our site, but there are costs involved in traveling around to these places, as well as maintenance costs for the website. We ask for support from individuals who want to help make a difference for these people! Every donation, including ad revenue generated from the website, which we receive will assist us in collecting the information from all the different businesses on this island, and drive more business to the local, family owned and operated establishments.  As these costs are minimal, all surplus funds will go 100% towards the betterment of the community through local projects, like teaching the locals English and neighborhood beautification.  We believe in the Old Chinese Proverb: “Give a man a fish; you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime,” Our goal is simply to help them, help themselves!

Thank you in advance for your kind donation, and we look forward to your visit to our little paradise!