Ometepe Island Ferry Schedule

Watch which ferry or launcha you take, as they do travel to multiple ports on the island. If you end up on the wrong one, you may find yourself having to take a taxi, or chicken bus, to the right location.

While we make every effort to keep out site up to date, we can not 100% guarantee this ferry schedule. Sometimes weather, or engine failure, causes the schedule to vary somewhat. However, we have found that it is nearly always on schedule.

Depending on the lake level, there is another ferry's that runs an intermittent schedule to Granada and Rio San Juan from Altagracia.
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However, they are not running at the time of this last update.

Ferry's and Launcha's do run SEVEN DAYS A WEEK.

Although a couple of the launcha's are off on Sunday's, so always check in advance!

Ticket prices vary by boat, please see the chart below:

Learn More About Navigating Through The Ferry Port Here

Boats Leaving San Jorge

The journey takes 70 minutes on average to Moyogalpa and 90 minutes to San José Del Sur
Ferry from San Jorge to Moyogalpa, Ometepe Island:
07:00 C$50 Ferry Che Guevara
07:45 C$50 Ferry Ometepe I
08:30 C$50 Ferry Ometepe III
09:00 C$35 Launcha Karen Maria
10:30 C$50 Ferry Ometepe III
11:00 C$45 Launcha Estrella Del Sur
12:00 C$50 Ferry Ometepe I
12:30 C$35 Launcha Santa Martha
13:30 C$35 Launcha Karen Maria
14:30 C$50 Ferry Ometepe III
15:30 C$45 Launcha Estrella Del Sur
16:00 C$50 Ferry Che Guevara
17:00 C$35 Launcha Santa Martha
17:45 C$50 Ferry Ometepe III
Ferry From Moyogalpa, Ometepe Island to San Jorge:
05:30 C$35 Launcha Karen Maria
06:00 C$50 Ferry Ometepe III
06:30 C$35 Launcha Santa Martha
06:45 C$50 Ferry Ometepe I
07:00 C$45 Launcha Estrella Del Sur
09:00 C$50 Ferry Ometepe III
10:00 C$50 Ferry Ometepe I
11:00 C$50 Ferry Che Guevara
11:30 C$35 Launcha Karen Maria
12:30 C$50 Ferry Ometepe III
13:00 C$45 Launcha Estrella Del Sur
14:00 C$50 Ferry Ometepe I
15:00 C$35 Launcha Santa Martha
16:00 C$50 Ferry Ometepe III
17:30 C$50 Ferry Che Guevara

Boats Leaving Ometepe Island

Ferry from San Jorge to San José Del Sur, Ometepe Island:
09:30 C$50 Ferry Rey Cocibolca
10:00 C$35 Launcha Mozorola
16:30 C$35 Launcha Mozorola
17:00 C$50 Ferry Rey Cocibolca
Ferry from San José Del Sur, Ometepe Island to San Jorge:
05:40 C$50 Launcha Mozorola
07:30 C$50 Ferry Rey Cocibolca
13:00 C$50 Launcha Mozorola
15:20 C$50 Ferry Rey Cocibolca