Before You Head To The Island You Need To Read This!

While we make every effort to keep our site up to date, we can not 100% guarantee the ferry schedule. Sometimes weather, or engine failure, causes the schedule to vary somewhat. Particularly between December and February (this is our ‘windy’ season). However, we have found that it is nearly always on schedule.

The Choice Is Yours....

There are two different types of ferry’s that can bring you to Ometepe Island. The larger, vehicle and passenger carrying class are what the locals call "Ferri". The smaller, passenger-only boats the locals call "Lancha". The ferry will cost you C$50/per person (about US$1.60) and the lancha is only C$35-C$45 (about US$1.20).

Sea Sickness

If you are prone to sea-sickness we highly recommend steering clear of the lancha's. Being lighter, they bounce much more in windy, weather. Even the ferries can get pretty rough at times. And if you are highly prone to sea-sickness, you can obtain locally a non-drowsy, version of Dramamine® at any pharmacy. Just ask for "Medicamento para el mareo." There are several brands available, so just take it with some water about 30 minutes before you hop on the boat! There is a small grocery store on the main road leading to the port (on your left as you are pulling up). They carry this medication.

When You Arrive At The Port

Regardless of how you arrive at the port (bus, taxi, etc.), you will see before you a large gate leading into the port. On your left you will see a small building. This is where you buy your tickets. You will find several people with ‘tourism’ shirts and ID badges walking around asking if they can help you. They are great for basic directions, just be aware that they may try to sell you tour packages, motorcycle/scooter rentals, shuttle service, etc. And you may find you can negotiate better prices once you are on the island.

Buying Your Ticket

When you walk up to this small building there are three windows. The first one on the left will sell you tickets to ferry 1 & 3 going to Moyogalpa. The second will sell you lancha tickets for all lancha's going to two different ports, so be sure the next lancha is going where you want to go (Moyogalpa or San José). They also sell passanger tickets for Ferry Che. If you need to take your vehicle on Ferry Che, you will need to go to a different building, just ask anyone around and they will point it out to you. It is to the right of the main gate to the port.

Entering The Port

Enter the main gate to the port, and walk straight down the road to the docks. You will have to fill out your name, passport number, and age on the clipboard at the second gate. Then just find your ferry or lancha and climb on board!