Puesto De Venta El Pulpo Felíz

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The primary contact person is: Douglas Antonio Cruz López
Business Type: Family Owned
The primary contact phone number for this business: 2569-4108
The secondary contact phone number for this business: 8962-6944
The website for this business is:
The email address for this business is:
Basic directions to this business:
From the park, 1/2 a block West, Moyogalpa

Hours of Operation
Sunday08:30 — 13:00
Monday08:30 — 21:00
Tuesday08:30 — 21:00
Wednesday08:30 — 21:00
Thursday08:30 — 21:00
Friday08:30 — 21:00
Saturday08:30 — 21:00
WiFi Available: NO
Unique Services You Can't Find Elsewhere:
They travel to PriceMart in Managua every Thursday. If there is something specific you need they will get it for you.
Anticipated Price Range For Here Is:
Average Priced

A brief description of this company:
Claro 8206-7392 - They will order and deliver anything you want from Managua to your door! Just ask! They also go to PriceSmart evert week on Thursdays, if you want something specific, they will get it for you.
The Primary Business Of This Location Is:
Grocery Shopping
Grocery Items Available:
Bottled or Filtered Water
Refrigerated Drinks
Beer, Wine, Liquor
Dry and Canned Food
Frozen Foods
Bulk Goods
The Expected Cost For This Service Is:
Fair Market Prices

The Secondary Business Of This Location Is:
Financial Services Offered:
Currency Exchange
Is This A Well Lit And Secure Location: YES

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