El Picante

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Business Type: Expat
The primary contact phone number for this business: 8490-3444
The website for this business is:
Basic directions to this business:
50 meters east from the Moyogalpa ferry dock

Hours of Operation
Sunday14:00 — 22:00
Monday14:00 — 22:00
Tuesday14:00 — 22:00
Wednesday14:00 — 22:00
Thursday14:00 — 22:00
Friday14:00 — 22:00
Languages Spoken Here:
Anticipated Price Range For Here Is:
Low Priced

A brief description of this company:
Great food, awesome service! And all at a fair price! What more could you ask for?
The Primary Business Of This Location Is:
Places To Eat
Type of Restaurant:
Bar & Grill
Specialty: Mexican Food
Menu Theme:
Restaurant Amenities:
Beer Selection
Liquor Selection
Bathrooms Are Available
Large Groups Welcome

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