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The primary contact person is: Rachael and Trevor Perry
Business Type: Expat
The primary contact phone number for this business: 2520 4160
The secondary contact phone number for this business: 8492 6990
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Basic directions to this business:
2.5 km past the Balgue River, Punta Gorda

Hours of Operation
WiFi Available: YES
Quality of Internet Service:
Unique Services You Can't Find Elsewhere:
We offer sunset kayak tours of Punta Gorda. You can see monkeys, birds, and with luck lake otters.
Languages Spoken Here:
Anticipated Price Range For Here Is:

A brief description of this company:
El Jardin de la Vida is a sustainable eco-friendly hostel built using minimal concrete and natural materials. As a guest you can camp, stay in our dormitory or rent a hammock in our hammock dorm. We also have a private loft room. We are located in Punta Gorda on Isla de Ometepe, just on the lake, so you can swim, rent kayaks and stand up paddle boards or just chill in a hammock. We can arrange a guide for many different island activities including sunset tours and volcano hikes. A little off the beaten path, we provide a unique Ometepe experience away from the traditional tourist scene. We are still close enough to town that it is easy if you want to go out and get dinner or meet other travelers. If you are looking to immerse yourself in nature and rural living come stay with us, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. We have a beautiful garden that attracts thousands of butterflies, lots of young fruit trees, and are working on our vegetable gardens. We are easily accessible by bus, taxi, motorcycle or bicycle but remote enough to enjoy the tranquility of real Ometepe life.
The Primary Business Of This Location Is:
Places To Stay
Hotel Style:
Room Types Available:
Dorm Rooms
Place To Stay Amenities:
Bedding (Sheets, Pillows)
Bug Net
Guide services
Ferry Shuttle Service
The Expected Cost For This Service Is:
$8 per night

The Secondary Business Of This Location Is:
Things To Do
What To Do Here:
Amount Of Physical Exertion To Be Expected:
Suggestions For This Activity:
For people of all ages
Opportunities for photography
Bathroom facilities available
The Expected Cost For This Service Is:

An Additional Business At This Location Is:
Places To Eat
Type of Restaurant:
Menu Theme:
Restaurant Amenities:
Beer Selection
Liquor Selection
Smoothies and Fruit Juices
Outdoor Seating
Offer Good Views
Bathrooms Are Available
The Expected Cost For This Service Is:

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