Puesto De Venta Pulpo

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Business Type: Family Owned
Basic directions to this business: Across the street from MegaAhorra next to the bank.

Hours of Operation:
WiFi Available: NO
Unique Services You Can't Find Elsewhere:
They travel to PriceMart in Managua every Thursday. If there is something specific you need they will get it for you.
Languages Spoken Here:
Anticipated Price Range For Here Is:
Average Priced

A brief description of this company:
This little grocery store offers a great selection that you will not find anywhere else on the island! And at very reasonable prices! They also offer exchange of US Dollar's for Nicaraguan Cordoba's at a great rate too!
The Primary Business Of This Location Is:
Grocery Shopping
Grocery Items Available:
Bottled or Filtered Water
Refrigerated Drinks
Beer, Wine, Liquor
Dry and Canned Food
Frozen Foods
Bulk Goods
The Expected Cost For This Service Is:
Fair Market Prices

The Secondary Business Of This Location Is:
Financial Services Offered:
Currency Exchange
Is This A Well Lit And Secure Location: YES